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Peep how they spelled EPMD wrong on the flyer lol.

I think out my 28 years of traveling on planes to DJ, this was the longest shortest trip i've ever done.

Macau, China is the Las Vegas of Asia. I guess the people that live in Asia got tired of flying all the way to Vegas & built their own. Amazing place, they even have the exact replica of the Las Vegas Venitian Hotel, every detail down to the water fountain. I flew out on September 7th, arrived 15 hours later in Hong Kong. Then an hour ride on a boat to Mainland China. I got to my hotel in time to go to bed lol. The flight was great because they were showing Bruce Lee movies!!

I slept all day the next day, then went to my gig which was inside of my hotel, so I didn't have to travel.

The club was dope, real Vegas flashy, incredible sound system. The party was a House/ Electro type of party, so that's what I went in on. (Yes, I can play that too lol). Very easy gig, rocked the party then had to head out at 7am to the boat & airport. 

The reason I flew to China overnight & back is because I wanted to be home before 9/11. If something was to go down in NY, I wanted to be ready to go to war to protect my Family.


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Comment by Adwoa on January 10, 2018 at 1:08am

Now that's special. How exactly do you spell EPMD wrong? LOL

Comment by Djsaxthebutcha on December 30, 2013 at 11:03am

 Whats up Legendary DJ Scratch I Cant believe They spelled the name EPMD wrong.. It is a Inspiration to see you Traveling the world and doing what you love and preserving the art of deejaying and keeping hip hop alive and breathing, keep doing what you do. Salute!!     Dj Sax Da Butcha

Comment by Gary Joe on February 27, 2012 at 9:47am

President DJ Scratch , I see your coming to Japan, I can find your date 19/3 in tokyo.  Are you going to other cities?, if not I will try to get to Tokyo. 



Comment by Super Woman on February 7, 2012 at 7:16pm

You are truly blessed to be able to do what you love to do, and have a career that you truly enjoy for the length of time you have had it. I meet people who have the same blessing you have, but they are always complaining about traveling, not getting enough sleep, tired of the crowds, etc. etc. I look at them like they are crazy because they seem so ungrateful to me. I'm realizing my dreams and starting my journey very late (almost 20 years late) in comparison to everyone else. I had a different focus for a number of years that didn't afford me the time or energy to pursue my passion or explore my talents, let alone make money doing something I'm good at and enjoy doing. So seeing someone like you, who truly appreciates what he has, inspires me greatly. I'm still making a list of all the places I have yet to go and haven't been. Hopefully, I'll start checking those places off my list one at a time very soon (God willing and prosperity to abound). Until I'm at that place, I really like seeing the world through your eyes and the stories of your journey. It's dope.  

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